Bridging the digital divide

Contributing to expansion of broadband and internet access in Romania

The national challenges

Romania faced two main challenges in connectivity in 2015. First, it needs to improve the coverage of fixed broadband networks reaching only 89% of households, significantly below the EU average (97%). Second, it needs to increase the number of broadband subscribers: only 60% (June 2015) of households subscribe to fixed broadband (EU average is 72%) and 59 subscribers per 100 people (June 2015) subscribe to mobile broadband (EU average is 75), limiting Romania’s ability to exploit the benefits of the digital economy.

Our contribution

At the end of 2015, Telekom Romania 4G network covered 57% of the urban population and 32.4% of the total population (urban and rural). In Bucharest, 4G covered 98% of the city area, while in Brasov and Poiana Brasov, main tourist destinations, the coverage was 98% and 100% respectively. In addition, Telekom customers that are not located in the 4G area can enjoy the 4G Experience, with an advanced connection based on 3G HSDPA dual carrier technology allowing speeds of up to 43.2 Mbps in 275 cities and over 5,000 other locations. On the fixed segment, Telekom Romania’s FTTx footprint covered 1.3 million households in 25 Romanian cities at the end of 2015, the focus being on further increasing the penetration of this technology in the already covered regions. Customers opting for this technology benefit of speeds of up to 1 Gbps for broadband and of interactive television (IPTV) services.

Key investments in 2015

Telekom Romania maintained a constant investment level over the last 5 years, of around 150 million EURO per year. In 2015, our total investments were directed mainly towards ensuring technological leadership, through the expansion of both fixed (FTTx) and mobile infrastructures (3G / 4G). This infrastructure serves as a foundation for further services for citizens and businesses and helps increasing the company’s competitiveness.

Key infrastructure initiatives

RO-NET Project

Contractor for a MCSI project for building national broadband infrastructure in disadvantaged areas, through the use of structural funds

The RO-NET project, whose beneficiary is the Ministry of Communications and Information Society, is one of the biggest communication infrastructure projects in Romania. After a very thorough tendering process, Telekom Romania group of companies has been designated to implement the project.

The initiative focuses on 783 out of 2,268 localities throughout Romania in “white areas”, where there are neither electronic access communication networks, nor electronic distribution communication networks. Those selected 783 localities have been divided into seven lots for the implementation of the project, which will ultimately result in some 400,000 residents, 8,500 businesses, and 2,800 public institutions being able to connect to an internet broadband network. In 2015 we concluded works in approximately 100 localities from the 783 included in the project.