Employee engagement

Team together – Team apart and Best place to perform and grow represent the core principles of our employee engagement approach. The involvement, the commitment and the satisfaction of our employees are key elements of our business success.

We believe in open and continuous communication between all levels of our workforce, as essential ingredient for an inclusive and fair working environment. We inform employees about the strategic, technological and organizational changes made, encouraging active participation and involvement in all decisions.

Our employee survey is an essential feature through which our employees have the chance to provide feedback on a regular basis. The biannual “Pulse Survey” captures up-to-date opinions and we strive to incorporate the employees’ feedback into the management decisions and initiatives. We also offer our employees many different ways to get involved, e.g., in the form of corporate volunteering projects or taking part to informal events.

In 2015, our engagement approach focused on development of 3 values that we believe are relevant for the company and for its employees:

  • Good climate in the team

    We can feel like in a family, it is up to us to create the working atmosphere we want

  • Development opportunities

    We make available soft skills training, technical certificate courses, promotions and internal recruitment, opportunities which enable every employee to advance its career within Telekom Romania or within the DT Group

  • Technology and innovation

    Telekom is a place where every employee can be in touch with the highest technological peaks and to permanently enrich its knowledge

Our engagement initiatives included:

  • The STEP project which has brought in the organization an infusion of youth, ideas and color, with the 252 trainees that spent around 3 months in the company, many of them having a substantial contribution to real projects that were on going at that time.
  • Development Days, involving around 1,000 people in several cities from the whole country.
  • Certification of more than 100 employees on specific technical topics: CISCO, PMP, ACCA, ITIL etc.

Development Days – new concept of training, through which the internal trainers team, along with famous training company, presented the employees concepts and new ways to approach it. The first edition was organized in Bucharest and brought together 70 training programs and approximately 1,000 participants. The second edition of the event was organized in Bucharest and Ploiesti, and offered 5 days of concentrated development, in an experiential and pragmatically environment of learning. There were covered, through the courses, themes such as Management and Leadership, Sales, Negotiation and Customers Services, Personal and professional development, Team development, as well as topics regarding Project management.



Brand Champions Awards – is set to find out who are the best employees at embodying the Telekom brand values (Innovation, Competence and Simplicity), how they manage to do extraordinary things and then to reward them for their ongoing contribution to the success of the Telekom brand. The campaign started in 2015. Participating in this contest means that each manager can nominate only one person from their team for the title of Telekom Brand Champion, whether this person is a manager or staff. After two stages of evaluation (behaviors and profile), the first 10 best candidates nominated in the contest are winners and each will be awarded 1,000 Euro training, from the company, for financing one or more training programs, at their free choice.

Addressing the employees feedbackPrint

Based on the results of the major Employee Survey process realized during the spring of 2015, we have defined four major areas of intervention for further improvement, considering the specific aspects of our company and the alignment with DT Group human resource strategy. For each of the areas we have already initiated programmes and measures which have addressed the identified improvement potential


  • Changing the Employee Value Proposition, the concrete promise and offer we make to our present and future employees.
  • Brand Champions Awards – an initiative aiming to reward and make more visible those colleagues who are really living the Telekom brand values, and to make them role models.
  • A brand is a promise – Be a Double Bagger! – a workshop that has two sections: an informative one, where we increase awareness of the most important Telekom achievements, from re-branding to present; the other is for trying to learn what means excellence in the customer experience, an attitude that we can adopt only if we are willing to.
  • My folks work @ Telekom – a group of initiatives which are intended to build internal communities, to increase the pride and promote the company brand among the youngest generations.


  • Work analysis have been initiated and is still on-going, in order to increase effectiveness and productivity in the teams with the most unfavorable perceptions.
  • There is a green light for simplifying the work processes and procedures wherever this is possible, using also employees’ ideas for that.
  • There is an on-going process to align IT applications between former fixed and mobile companies.


  • The main training initiatives are centered on managerial development programs.
  • The regional visits will continue for increasing top management visibility and to facilitate their contact with the organization life employees.


  • Organizational Development Division is now able to activate a program for team coaching as response to any initiative of a manager that wants to improve the climate inside his / her team.
  • The training curriculum puts a lot of focus on collaboration, both in the Development Days programs and in a new course – Managing Millennials – which will approach inter-generational collaboration at the workplace.
  • We have on-going exchange programs, between back and front office.