Employee health and safety

Good health and safety practices are as important to our company as operational efficiency and service quality – meaning that business decisions are always made considering the health and safety of our employees’ customers and partners. A proactive health and safety culture that engages employees and supports a cross-functional participative approach to prevent injuries is fundamental to our journey toward optimal wellbeing and safety of our employees.

In 2015 we managed to reduce significantly lost time injury rate and number of accidents compared with 2014. We achieved this improvement by ensuring that people know what to do to manage risks, encouraging them to take personal responsibility and keeping things as simple as possible. Training in health and safety is mandatory for all our employees.

We have incorporated health and safety in our management processes and in our activities via the certified management system based on the OHSAS 18001 standard, developing appropriate policies and procedures. Both companies are certified according with OHSAS 18001 standard since 2014.



Health and safety management framework goals and performance overview

  1. Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  2. Prioritize prevention and ensure early identification of H&S risks.
  3. Continuous monitoring of application of safety measures by employees and third parties (e.g. contractors).
  4. Certification of Telekom Romania operations, according to the international standard for Occupational Health and Safety management systems (OHSAS 18001).
  5. Ensure continuous consultation between Management and employees.
  6. Ensure preventive medical testing and mental health support services.
  7. Ensure systematic training and communication to employees regarding Health and Safety principles, and specialized training for potentially hazardous tasks.
  • 338 jobs reassessed in 2015 (107 for mobile, 231 for fixed)
  • 198 H&S internal reports issued, analysed and closed
  • Both companies have successful recertified their OHSAS management systems.
  • Both companies’ establishes Health and Safety Committees which are directly involved in setting the H&S objectives and programmes. On a yearly basis, the management issues the “Report of the General Director – CEO to the Health & Safety Committee” presenting the overview of the H&S management system performance.
  • Telekom Romania provides to all employees yearly medical evaluations according with national legislation plus additional medical exams and health services, part of its reward and  compensation package.
  • The training programmes of Telekom Romania includes: H&S Induction training for new employees, H&S periodical training for employees, first aid training for dedicated teams, OH&S Management System e-learning via intranet for all employees, H&S specific training according with national legislation for H&S responsible at national and regional level.




In 2015 our objective was to strengthen our H&S management and increase our performance on all core aspects. We achieved almost all of these objectives with one exception regarding accidents related to work tasks. 4 of our colleagues (3 technicians, 1 senior engineer) suffered accidents during working at height. We have initiated clear correction actions and preventive measures and we keep our 0 accidents goal for 2016.

We have focused also on ensuring that our employees are and remain healthy by providing easy access to medical exams requested by law but also to additional medical services as part of the compensation and benefits package.

We are aware that much of our performance is based on the direct involvement of the management in supporting the H&S system, good collaboration between HSE Committees, top management and unions and the entire workforce engagement.

Compliance with health and safety laws and regulations

During the reporting period, Telecom Romania participated in 11 inspections from local authorities on emergency situations resulting in 1 financial penalty of 2,222 EURO.

H&S performance indicators