Human resources overview

Trusting relationships with our employees as well as with trade unions and employee representatives is the core of our responsible employer vision. 19148_62513_a3_cmyk_2017-11-30To align ourselves with the market response to modern technological developments as well as to adapt the number of employees to the business model transformation, in 2015 we implemented voluntarily exit schemes in a socially responsible manner. Our active change management program, Job Service & Placement, prepares employees whose positions are scheduled to be cut or have already been cut for employment opportunities within and outside of our company. We assist them with professional location analyses, perspectives consulting and application assistance; they can also receive compensation payments according to internal applicable practices.

At the end of 2015, the total workforce of our mobile and fix operation was of 6,368 full time employees, slightly decreasing with 1.9% compared with 2014.

In Telekom Romania, the main focus is to create a homogeneous corporate culture, based on an open dialogue with the employees and promoting teamwork, participation and strategy & business status knowledge. To this end, we are using internal communication processes and tools to ensure unified and synchronized information to all our employees. In 2015, we launched „One Intranet”- the first integrated Intranet platform, YAM groups & campaigns, info e-mails, weekly electronic newsletters, internal campaigns and activation, SMS messages, live streaming and informative leaflets and posters.

In 2015, Telekom Romania brought the national story to the next level via best practice on CR communication. A 100% response rate for any inquiry received by e-mail on the Corporate Communication dedicated e-mail address has been ensured. 26% of the employees took part in internal contests organized to promote corporate and commercial initiatives, while the level of understanding the changes and strategy was over 60%, accordingly to the internal employees’ surveys.


Employment indicators

Workforce evolution Telekom Romania Communicationworkforce_1


Workforce evolution Telekom Romania Mobile Communication


A complete image of our employee structure for the year 2015 can be found in the chapter „Performance overview”, page 100 of our Corporate Responsibility Report.