Environmental strategy


towardsSafeguarding the quality of the environment is a major concern of Telekom Romania. In that respect, we strive to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and to raise awareness of our employees and stakeholders on acting more responsibly on the issue of environmental protection. Environment aspects of concern and attention include: Energy Use and Climate Change, Resource Use and Waste Management, Ozone, Water, Environmental Awareness, Biodiversity, EMF, Visual impact and Noise.

Our commitment to environmental protection is expressed directly within the framework of the environmental management systems that we have implemented for our mobile and fixed operations. We know that we have an important role to play in the journey towards a low carbon society. For this reason we are also engaged in increasing the social awareness regarding environmental challenges and opportunities and in developing of new products and services which will enable the users to decrease their environmental impact.

Ecologic sensitivity

ch6_1To fulfill our vision of a low carbon society, our goal is to preserve the ecological capital by a combination of careful environmental management and deployment of cutting-edge technologies to achieve material functions, contributing to the achievement of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Environmental strategy

ch6_2We have developed our environmental strategy around three general goals: reduction of our own environmental impact, increase the environmental awareness of our employees, stakeholders and communities and contribute to low carbon society through products and services we provide. We are constantly monitoring our environmental performance using a wide range of indicators regarding consumption of materials, energy and fuels, waste generation and recycling and we systematically seek to find new ways to reduce our impact.

Environmental challenges and opportunities are an integral part of our internal and external communication initiatives and of our community engagement projects. We have already developed and launched services like Smart City solution, videoconferencing and cloud application which are addressing key environmental aspects regarding energy consumption, emissions and dematerialization.

Within the framework of our environmental management systems, we are analyzing our activities and operations with regard to their environmental impact, we set programmes and measures to increase our performance and we monitor our progress monthly. We collect selectively and recycle various materials, such as paper, plastic, IT&C equipment, accessories, batteries, ink cartridges, etc. In parallel, all Telekom Romania companies implemented actions to encourage stakeholders to reduce, reuse and recycle resources through various public campaigns, events and projects.