Equal opportunities and diversity

Fair Employment Policy Framework

Non-discrimination, fairness and integrity in the workplace are fundamental for Telekom Romania. The framework of our fair labour policy, based on respect for human rights, is in accordance with the following:

  • The regulatory framework in Romania and the EU, which prohibits the use of child labour, forced labour and involving young people in dangerous jobs
  • The United Nations Global Compact, which Telekom Romania signed in 2015
  • The Telekom Romania Code of Conduct and Employee on Labour Relations Policy, recognizing explicitly the basic freedom of association and the right to participate in collective agreements under national legislation, and expressly prohibit unlawful discrimination or harassment based on age, sex, religion, ability, background or sexual orientation.

The management of personal data is realized in accordance with the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Human Rights, developed in accordance with the existing national legal framework

Non-Discrimination, Equal Opportunities and Diversity

The core principle of our human resources management of Telekom Romania is that all decisions and actions relating to matters such as recruitment, wages, growth and employee development and termination of contracts are characterized by meritocracy, transparency and non-discrimination.

Our Code of Conduct is the framework guide for the behaviour of all employees. It reaffirms our strong commitment to comply with the laws and regulations, with the specific obligations relating to ethical behaviour which, together with the five Guiding Principles, support our success.
Non-discrimination principle covers gender, age, religion, ability, origin and sexual orientation. We have established internal reporting mechanism for all questions, concerns or complains related with non-discrimination and all Code of Conduct principles.

Freedom of Association and Collective Labour Agreements

We fully comply with the Romanian regulation on labour, freedom of association and collective labour Agreements. Our employees are organized within representative unions, covered 100% by collective labour agreements. Within Telekom Romania Mobile Communications a union has been formed in 2015 but no collective working agreement was concluded by the end of the year. However, our employees are covered by individual working contracts.

The Collective Labour Agreements within Telekom Romania Communications regulate payroll issues, permits, benefits, compensation and working hours. The current fix CLA covers the period from 01/03/2015 – 01/03/2016.

Non-Discriminatory Remunerations Compensation

Within our company, no distinction or sex differentiation on compensation is practiced. The compensation level is determined by the level of the position held, performance at the job, education level, market information available, while the minimum wage level is adjusted according to the law. The ratio of male/female remuneration is 1:1.



Parental leave

Telekom Romania provides parental leave for childbirth and parental leave for childcare. Parental leave, which is considered and paid as working time, is provided to working mothers or fathers immediately after the end of maternity leave, In 2015, at Telekom Romania Communications 58 women and 11 men took parental leave. At Telekom Romania Mobile Communications were 28 women and 1 man who took parental leave. All working women made use of parental leave they were entitled to. No employee resigned during child care leave with pay, and all men and women, returned to their normal duties.