Internet safety and public awareness

The safe usage of internet is a common responsibility of industry, government, law enforcement, civil society, and consumers themselves. At Telekom Romania we are dedicated to protect our customers, their families and their business by providing safe and secured services and contributing to their awareness about internet safety risks.

Our approach is based on the following guiding principles:

  •  Provision of services with a high degree of data privacy and data security;
  • Improve media skills of our customer and work in partnership with others to create a child-friendly internet;
  • Include data privacy and data security aspects throughout the entire life cycle of our products;
  • Collaborate closely with prosecuting authorities, NGOs and with other partners from business, politics, and society to ban online content that is harmful to children and young people.

Products and services for private users

Telekom Romania offers its customers a variety of services addressing online safety and security. The broad range of applications include: anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall, browser protection, as well as enriched parental control services that allow parents to monitor, filter and block access to websites with inappropriate content (e.g. violence, adult content, weapons, drugs, etc.).

The parental control functionality gives the users the ability to adjust the level of protection depending on the age of the children. Parental Control Services are also offered, in both IPTV and satellite platform. With these services, the subscribers have the option to set the parental control level of their choice to block access to specific programs, based on the parental control rating level that all program in the service carries.

Additionally, in satellite service, the subscribers can block access to specific channel(s) of their choice. Our mobile services enables parents to control their children’s access to mobile services addressed only to adults, through a series of user friendly parental control services developed and offered to subscribers free of charge. Specifically, the antivirus and security protection program “Lookout” is pre-installed in all Android devices that we distribute, offers parents the option to block the “erotic” category as well as to block unwanted access by calling Telekom Romania customer service.

Complete protection for businesses

We are looking at data security from many angles as the threats have been intensified, diversified and multiplied. In 2015 the cyber security incidents grew worldwide with 38% compared with 2014 and our objective is to ensure viable protection for our customers.

Our security solutions are organized on the following categories:

  1. Network Security
    Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) – on-line detection and mitigation at network level for local and international attacks up to 10 Gbps.
  2.  Cloud Data Security
    In case of disaster, Telekom data centers guarantee data recovery and business continuity for all customers.
  3.  Equipments Security
    Our security services portfolio includes Norton Security Online to ensure protection for any device: mobile phone, tablet, PC.