Miroslav MajorosMessage from our CEO

Being a telecommunication company we deeply understand the value of connectivity, the need to share information with the others both at personal and professional level. And we believe that many of the problems we face today could be managed more efficiently by having access to better informational systems. In order to contribute to the sustainable growth of the entire society, not just of our company, we are committed to make information easily available for everybody by providing access to it, proposing new ways to use it, supporting companies and communities to exchange information and build their capabilities based on it.

The Corporate Social Responsibility functions are now integrated in the governance structures directly linked with the Board of Directors, having the mean to contribute to the overall business strategy. The compliance management system has been enhanced and certified according with the German standard PS980 to support the implementation and observance of relevant sustainability related standards, regulation and guidelines, ensuring that all our activities are aligned to best practices and contribute to the Triple Bottom Line.

We embed sustainability in our operations by following efficiency, dematerialisation and decarbonisation goals but we also follow the social concerns related with safety and security of new ICT technologies. For us, protection of data privacy and safer internet are as important as any other business aspect, this is why we developed new ways to ensure safe and secure use of all our products and services.

Financially, we invested significantly in the development of our advanced networks: 3/4G for mobile, respectively fiber, also known as FFTx, for the landline services, with focus, for the latter one, on further increasing the penetration of this technology in the already covered areas, in order to provide access to newest technologies, which means up to 1 Gbps for broadband and of interactive television (IPTV) services. On the mobile side, throughout 2015, 4G services reached 57% coverage in urban areas, offering speeds of up to 150 Mbps, and the efforts of modernization for the UMTS-3G technology network enabled significant improvements in average download and upload speeds offering a better mobile broadband experience to the customers.

Miroslav Majoros
Miroslav Majoros
Chief Executive Officer Telekom Romania

As in Romania there are also areas in which the penetration of telco services is very difficult, we became an active supporter of the RoNet project, which provides the infrastructure for connecting remote localities to the Internet. Therefore, in 2015 we concluded works in approximately 100 localities out of the 783 included in the project. By covering white areas of the country with Internet services, there are being opened windows of opportunities for local rural businesses, for education and information of the respective communities, thus having the possibility to grow as a whole, in a sustainable way.

To be more efficient, communication should be facilitated by using integrated solutions. That is why we introduced MagentaONE commercial platform which stands for: One Stop Shop, one call center, one bill, one MyAccount (including one mobile app), 10 seconds average waiting time in the call centre for residential and business customers of integrated fixed & mobile services and also for entertainment and exclusivities on all screens (TV, tablets, laptops, smartphones). To this can be added the significant investments in exclusive content, among which football competitions such as UEFA Champions League, available on all screens. The approach reflects our focus on delivering best class experience to our customers, thus differentiating ourselves on the market.
Equally important as our customers are our employees. We enhanced their skills and provided them with opportunities to develop their talents. We are proud to have active and responsible colleagues who responded with enthusiasm to our CSR programs and volunteered to plant trees, to restore green spaces suffocated by waste, to give only a couple of examples.

Our concern for the environment was reflected also in the improvement of the management systems and in upgrading the free cooling network to reduce the consumption of energy. Being driven by the consumption of fossil fuel, climate change represents also an opportunity for us to examine our processes and technologies to find new ways to reduce our electricity and fuel consumption. We are also focusing on replacing the outdated technology with new one with the scope of addressing this hot topic.

Also, we are partnering with different actors from private and public sector to find new solutions for communities to address these issues. This year we started to educate the local market with regard to the benefits of the smart cities, a concept which proposes new innovative ways to manage resources, control air pollution, increase the dispersion level of clean technology and contribute to society effort to mitigate the effects of climate change or other environmental problems.

However, without an intensive process of digitalization we cannot envisage the society of tomorrow. This is why we entered the market with new, innovative solutions based on Internet of Things platforms, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and data analytics components meant to change, in the close future, the paradigms in which we work, communicate, learn and live, in general. What it may seem only a seed now, tomorrow will be a fully developed ecosystem built to ensure a better world for all.