Our peopleManagement approach

Carmen Dumitrache
Carmen Dumitrache,
Chief HR Officer

„Our belief is that the positive change we want to bring in the society starts with our company. Our aim is to ensure a fair, diverse, supportive and safe working environment which will leverage both professional and personal development of our people. Values and mission are translated into our day to day activities so we are permanently developing the necessary endowment, proactively improve the ways in which we guide and support our employees. Incorporating the external knowledge and good practices into our company environment, supporting through our employees a healthier and better society – this is how we see the connection between the internal and external dimensions of corporate responsibility.

The annual corporate responsibility report is the summary of our efforts – company by its’ people – a proof of what we have managed to achieve in areas like training and education, health and safety, engagement and dialogue, diversity and ethical behaviour.”

Having a national reach with hundreds of offices, shops and thousands of telecommunication infrastructure locations in all regions of our country, we are in a way a reflection of the Romanian people, at very smaller scale. Our employees, no matter their place of origin or their working location, work together as one team to facilitate and ensure the Romanian citizens’ access to communication services which can improve their lives.

In 2015, our main goal was to continue the operational integration process of fixed and mobile activities, unifying and simplifying procedures, improving operational efficiency and enhancing customer-orientation and competitiveness. Our diverse employee community is formed of highly professional and skilled people with various expertise and backgrounds, working together on a national level, making us confident for the future. For this reason we are committed to offer development and training opportunities and to encourage individuality.

We continued to invest in the development of modern skills of our employees through re skilling and up skilling programs to enhance skills and provide new knowledge, and with programs to enhance innovation and creative thinking.

The basics of our employee relations framework comprises 6 key elements: respect for human rights, fair labour practices, non-discrimination, equal treatment for men and women, combating child forced labour, ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.

The transformation process of our company, its integration within the Deutsche Telekom Group, the integration of fixed and mobile services and further advancement of our sustainable business model raised also challenges for our employees. We have addressed these challenges by translating our HR vision into more specific terms on 5 themes.

  • Continue business-driven total workforce. Transformation programs management are helping us on making adjustments correlated with the re-shaped business model.
  • Encourage leadership and performance development. We have established leadership principles which address topics such as collaboration, innovation and empowering our employees to perform.
  • Foster employability of our workforce. We are focused on expanding the expertise of our employees, driving our training programmes in the direction of skills that will be in high demand in the future and supporting different aspects of diversity.
  • Increase organizational effectiveness. We must ensure the effectiveness of the large Telekom team in relationship with both industry and market. Modern workstations, working-time models and job structures form the basis of our concept of flexible work environments.
  • We make it lean and simple. We focus on the efficiency of our HR areas of activity and continuously aligning our HR portfolio with the needs of the business.