Responsible products and services

ICT’s can help increase economic efficiency and competitiveness, can facilitate better management of procurement, storage and distribution of food, can support e-health policies and strategies with regard to telemedicine, can facilitate educational delivery at all levels, can play a significant role to reduce the carbon footprint of cities, can foster sustainable consumption and production and enable global interconnectedness which accelerate human progress.

Our goal is to transform the ICT potential in reality.We are investing in developing products and services which are addressing the current social, economic and environmental challenges, sector by sector. In 2015 we focused on developing services to support Romanian cities and businesses in reducing their energy consumption and emissions, improving their social engagement level and increasing their material efficiency.

Our product and service strategy aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Enable sustainable growth of our company;
  • Support the transition to a low carbon society;
  • Facilitate access to education and health services for as many people as possible;
  • Support the sustainable development of Romanian communities;
  • Enable customers to achieve their own sustainability goals.

We invite you to discover our approach and our achievements. Telekom Romania seeks to offer responsible products and services, with appropriate labeling and information to provide to their customers, security for the lifetime of products and services and to ensure the confidentiality of their personal data. In this context, all products for sale, accessory products and services offered are certified and carry all obligatory markings required by EU legislation, directives and regulations on the safe use, the restriction of use of hazardous substances and the reduction of electronic waste. Telekom Romania strives to enhance reuse and recycling of materials and support the safe use of the Internet. Communication concerning marketing is carried out in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, while at the same time the company is constantly working to develop tools and procedures to ensure the confidentiality of personal information of customers.

Technological progress offers new ways to address the challenges posed by climate change, scarcity of resources, and nationwide healthcare. Information and communications technology plays a key role in this context. Telekom Romania is helping consumers and business customers effectively lower their energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions with our growing offer of green products and innovative ICT solutions. We have been offering services to dematerialize business processes such as online billing, digitized workflows and cloud computing for several years.

Cloud computing

By moving common business applications like email, CRM software and bundled productivity software (spread sheets, file sharing, word processing, etc.) from local computer systems to centralized cloud services one can cut IT electricity consumption at the company level and directly contribute to CO2 emissions reduction. Our One Drive cloud service enables enterprises to minimize also the traditional high logistics and maintenance costs (hardware/ software). Essentially the cloud computing provides online services in a safe and uninterrupted utilization of IT infrastructure, giving users the ability to directly access, monitor and manage their data through user-friendly tools. Telekom’s One Drive service provides 1 TB data storage space and access to various office and management applications.

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Teleconferencing solutions provides substantial sustainability benefits. They enable fuel, time and costs reduction associated with reduced physical travel. Business meetings, conference, events or even training can now be realized with no travel efforts. We have integrated the Teleconference application in our services for corporate clients. The service (based on cloud computing) allows businesses to make video conferences from anywhere, via smartphones, tablets or laptops, in which the appropriate software is installed. At the same time, we have offered audio conferencing services directly where our customers and partners needed, enabling social engagement and communication not possible otherwise.

Internally, teleconference solutions help us to manage our national wide activities and remain connected with our colleagues from the group. As a modern technology company, our aim is to assume a pioneering role and help shape future developments, which is why we develop smart solutions for more efficiency and convenience while keeping environmental impact to a minimum. Our focus here includes the growth areas M2M communication, telemedicine, smart office and smart cities.

Smart Office

In 2015 Telekom Romania added in its portfolio two new M2M packages allowing companies to control, monitor and automatize their offices remotely: the Security Package and the Comfort Package. Thus, Telekom translates IT&C technological innovations into concrete solutions meant to help small and medium companies manage their resources more efficiently and identify new opportunities for developing their own business.

The Smart packages for offices are managed through mydlink Home application, available for free in AppStore and Google Market. The application connects and coordinates intuitively all the equipment included in the package, while the functioning settings can be established according to the customers’ needs. The Comfort Package includes a Smart Plug, a motion sensor and a HD camera with built-in night vision function allowing you to see up to 5 meters even in complete darkness. These devices communicate based on the Wi-Fi network available in the office and are controlled through mydlink Home application. Customers can add other “smart” device in the package as well, such as water sensors, sirens, IP cameras or Wi-Fi audio extender.

For those who are looking for a more secure environment, the Security Package includes a connecting hub, a 3-in-1 sensor for door/ window opening, temperature and light, a siren and a HD
camera monitor. Connected Home Hub ensures the connection between the Wi-Fi network and the other devices, while through the mydlink Home application users can control and monitor
the office remotely. Additionally, customers can include in the package motion and water sensors, as well as sirens, 360 degrees IP cameras, smart plugs or other 3-in-1 sensors for door/ window opening, temperature and light.

First “digital tree” with Wi-Fi connectivity

18_03_2015_copac_digitalIn March 2015 Telekom Romania and Smart Sun Solutions “planted” the first digital tree in Romania in Timisoara. This Strawberry Tree, the world’s first solar energy-based public mobile-device charger offering Wi-Fi connectivity, is very suitable for “planting” in parks, open-air restaurants or commercial areas. The internet connection is based on 3G or 4G technology, depending on the coverage, and has a reach of approx. 10 meters. The system’s rechargeable batteries store the energy and can run for up to 14 days. The Strawberry Tree allows simultaneous charging of up to 16 devices and has an annual capacity of up to 840,000 10-minute charges. It is not only a very innovative concept but also an environmental friendly one with an eco-design and a neutral carbon footprint, while offering a friendly, convenient and inspiring service in crowded public places.

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