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18663_60333_a3_cmyk_2017-07-01We all heard the term “knowledge society”. For us it means exhaustive and reliable access to the benefits of modern information and communication technology for all people, without discrimination. These benefits can manifest in all aspects of our  life, economic, social, educational, cultural, and contributing to our progress and advancement both at individual level but also at the social level. As a leading company in ICT sector and part of the society we play an important role in the development of our country and its communities. Our goal is to connect business success with social prosperity and quality of life. We are determined to facilitate the access to the advantages of information and communication technology for as many Romanians as possible.

We are convinced that we can best bring our contribution to society by using our core competences and experience in the following areas: Social Products and Services, Social Contribution, Volunteering, Entrepreneurship and Digital Divide. Our programs and initiatives support communities and civil society in the advancement of: social protection, education, health, environment, development and innovation.

In 2015 we have extended our social engagement and contribution with 600,000 EURO through Fundatia Telekom and our own platform, through internal scholarship and volunteering programs, through partnering in external relevant projects and by using our services and infrastructure to support social causes and initiatives.


In both our fix and mobile operations we are seeking to provide our employees and our customers‘ means to connect their professional and personal life beyond the traditional approach. Our initiatives and projects are focused on supporting a balanced life in which personal growth and development, social contribution and professional development can be achieved easier and safer for as many people as possible. Information and communication is crucial for the achievement of this goal as it enables improvement in the areas of education, health, environment and innovation.

In 2015 Telekom Romania involved its employees, customers, suppliers and business partners in various initiatives and programs that respond to the Romanian social needs. Aiming to mobilize our employees, increase their awareness of social needs and to promote responsible and active citizenship, we cultivates volunteerism through various actions, such as reforestation, sports events, blood donations and volunteering for children‘s healthcare.

Through our platform we are supporting every year various projects and initiatives of local or national NGOs, addressing social needs in the area of education, sport, innovation, environment and social development. In 2015 we have directly financed projects through platform amounting 70,000 EURO. Within platform we have connected ourselves to society needs but also we connected social actors across various fields. The awarding of submitted projects is realized based on expert jury assessment, ensuring that projects are both social beneficial and can effectively achieve their goals.

Social engagement results overview


Enabling large social engagement initiatives

We are aware about the role we can play, directly and indirectly, in improving the social conditions and addressing the current challenges of Romanian communities. We have used our expertise and competences to create a bridge between social needs and social solutions through our online platform on the following areas:teimplici-2015-1

  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Innovation
  • Development
  • Social protection

The goal of platform is to support projects and initiatives which are using ICT to find new solutions for current social problems, enable access to education, improve medical services or provide social protection for disadvantaged groups. The platform itself represents an example on how ICT can be used to address various social aspects and find solutions by facilitating collaboration and engagement between various actors.

We have launched on-line platform in 2014 by asking the general public about the social development aspects which they consider we should address with priority and we used their feedback to define the scope of our platform. We invested 50,000 euro in 10 projects in 2014 and in 2015 we continued to support social development by direct financial contribution within, supporting 10 projects with a total contribution of 70.000 EURO.

Supporting fundraising

We are supporting social and environmental initiatives of NGOs to rise their necessary funding through dedicated phone and SMS lines which we are providing free of charge for illness situations or at a significantly discounted rate for other causes.



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Supporting those in need

Ionela Paunica
Ionela Paunica
Executive Director, Telekom Romania Foundation and Senior
Coordinator Internal Communication, Corporate Events &
Corporate Responsibility

One part of our Corporate Responsibility strategy is oriented toward those issues which are not part of the headlines or part of the day to day social discourse; it is focusing on categories of people in special situations and with special needs, social causes, and children with serious diseases, talented young people and humanitarian cases. Our primary tool to address this social aspects is the Telekom Foundation aiming to identify, through direct interaction with communities and people, the social categories and cases that primarily need support and to answer their real needs in due time.

Telekom Romania Foundation

Telekom Romania Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports categories of persons in special situations, social causes, children and adults diagnosed with serious illnesses, young talented, students and calls from humanitarian response to natural disasters. This Foundation is the link between Telekom Romania and the community in which it is present. It is continuing the activities and initiatives started in 2008 by the Romtelecom Foundation which supported various social, humanitarian, educational and environmental causes.


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2015 initiatives and their results (selection)

2% campaign

For 7 years, Telekom Romania supported children and adults having rare diseases, people who asked for help when they were in difficult situations, had a fast reaction in case of natural disasters and developed campaigns and projects with impact in health, social protection, education, environment, innovation and development. In this respect, the Foundation developed yearly the annual 2% campaign for the employees and third parties who chose to redirect the percent of the annual income tax already paid to the State, according to the Romanian law. This campaign represents the main source of funds of the Foundation. According to official data, in 2015, the Telekom Romania Foundation ranked the 1st place, compared with its competitors, in collecting 2% forms.

You choose and we help together!

The Telekom Romania Foundation continued the 6th edition of the program “You choose and we help together”, launched in 2010, following the numerous requests of helping people with severe diseases or without financial possibilities. Since its beginning, the programme supported financially more than 50 children and adults. The 2015 edition was addressed to colleagues or family members, diagnosed with serious diseases.

Brasov International Marathon powered by Telekom Romania

Via Telekom Romania Foundation, the taxes raised at the 5 km race, but also 10% from the value of the competitive races (marathon, relay, half marathon and 10 km), were donated to the Association „Cristal children‖, in order to cover the expenses necessary for the therapy sessions for 10 children with autism.

In this project, the Telekom Romania Foundation chose to join children and young people with autism coming from families with low incomes, who cannot afford to cover the costs of recovery through the types of therapies necessary for their integration in the education system and society. The story of the Association ―Cristal Children‖ started in 2006, at the initiative of a group of parents whose children were diagnosed with autism and other related disorders. The association and the Centre for Evaluation, Rehabilitation through Specialised Therapy for Disorders from the Autism spectrum, Down Syndrome, Asperger Syndrome, and ADHD were born from the desire and the necessity to offer children, young people and adults with autism the chance to benefit from social assistance services and specialised therapy, services that are not offered by the public assistance system guaranteed by the Romanian State.

The team of therapists consists of 22 professionals in fields like psycho pedagogy, clinic psychology and kinetotherapy. The whole activity of the association is oriented towards the recovery of the children‘s potential and the harnessing of their vocation.

More details about the services offered by the association you can find on the website

The run ―Sports is good‖ powered by Dolce Sport, the TV station of Telekom Romania

Encouraged by the joy of the children with cancer who benefited of the medicine brought from abroad, the ―Sport is good‖ race continued in 2015 also, hoping that more children will have the chance to receive help. From the funds raised at this edition, the Telekom Romania Foundation acquired the medicine Asparaginaza, necessary to children with leukemia from Fundeni Institute.
“Sport is good” is a campaign that promotes health through sports and a healthy diet, started by Dolce Sport in 2011. “Sport is good” became a platform under which other events were supported and developed since its launch.

Green Work

It‘s a programme developed with the help of over 200 volunteers in Bucharest Botanical Garden in partnership with Team Work Association. Telekom Romania employees, together with their families and friends, participated to the programme that consisted of green space maintenance activities and assisting biologists in plant care. The project aims to motivate and engage employees in supporting the communities by taking care of a representative space for Bucharest, this place being considered the ―jewel of the capital‖, through its green and relaxing oasis that it offers to over 12,000 visitors per month. The objective of the programme is to clean an area neglected for 10 years and recreate it with a round, walkways and benches.

Crowd funding campaign “Together for Romanians”

Telekom Romania Foundation together with Telekom Romania developed a crowd funding campaign meant to help 8 NGOs to raise funds in order to implement their social, educational and environmental projects by using Telekom Romania phone and SMS lines.

Together for Romania‘s athletes!

In Romania, there are many sports champions that after their retirement have a poor conditions life, because their pensions are very low. We all appreciate the sport performances with medals and the achievements of those who represent the country. Rarely do we think about the difficult trainings and the long hours dedicated to sport, in order to represent the country and to gain the recognition we all wish for. We enjoy being filled with emotion every time the flag is up and we hear the national hymn, and we forget so quickly those people who made us live these moments. Thus, through this project, the Telekom Romania Foundation, in partnership with the Romanian Olympic Foundation, granted financial support of 100 Euros/month to 5 ex-athletes with serious health problems.

I am a child and I need protection! Heavy and dangerous works in agriculture are NOT for me!

 Through this project, Telekom Romania Foundation provided support to prevent child labour. In this regard, in partnership with SOS Children’s Villages Romania, has provided support for 53 children from four communities in Bacau. The project aimed to raise awareness of local authorities in Bacau on cases of children involvement in dangerous agriculture work and determine the authorities to develop immediate solutions to prevent and combat cases of child labour and exploitation. The beneficiaries of the project were families with children between the ages of fourteen and sixteen, who no longer attend school, as well as DGASPC Bacau, local team members and  agriculture specialists. In this case is Razvan, from a village in Bacau County, who was forced to abandon school in the second grade to work, to help his parents and younger siblings.

Donation for individual cases

In 2015, the Telekom Romania Foundation financially helped 9 cases of children and adults with severe diseases.

In 2015, our projects reached to 395 beneficiaries.