Our vision of sustainable society

As part of Deutsche Telekom Group, members of Global Compact Romania and leading telecommunication company in Romania, we have gladly accepted the challenge to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) and we are delivering our contribution here in Romania, as we are part of the Romanian society. The way we see our contribution is summarized across our Corporate Responsibility Report.
Our vision about a Sustainable Society can be summarized as a good life and well-being for all now and in the future, sustaining the Earth’s ecosystem, banning poverty and related health and housing issues, a sustainable agricultural and food system, and employment and leisure for all.
We believe that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) could help achieve that, if actively directed by the right drivers. We see these drivers as three connected human needs: the need to communicate, the need to belong and the need to live in a clean and healthy natural environment.



Quality of life means that needs are fulfilled by less material and energy throughput—human fulfillment is improved by a lifestyle that acknowledges non-material needs as being as important as material needs.


Human solidarity

Human solidarity means that in a globalizing world the barriers between rich and poor, between North and South, and between different religions and cultures have been diminished to a level at which each human being truly understands him/herself as a “global citizen”, with responsibility for “global neighbours” and future generations.


Ecological sensibility

Ecological sensibility refers to a preservation of ecological capital by a combination of careful environmental management and the deployment of cutting-edge technologies to fulfill material functions.