Customer responsibility

Responsible marketing practices

We ensure that our marketing is always honest, truthful, decent and fair and that all employees responsible for company advertising, direct marketing and point-of-sale material carry out their responsibilities in a manner that upholds these values. We conform fully to the applicable laws and regulations for communication and advertising and we follow the “Commercial communication rules on telecommunication services and products” issues by the Romanian Advertising Council (RAC).

To ensure that the companies’ communication material is consistent with legal requirements, appropriate, fair and sincere, accurate and respecting people’s differences, in terms of age, gender, race, religion and physical or mental status, the Brand and Communication Strategy Division Romania reviews all advertising messages and campaigns, before releasing them to the public.

Transparency of pricing

Our transparency and pricing policy is fully aligned with the national laws. We are committed to clear, simple and transparent communication of pricing issues, implementing measures to ensure that our customers’ decisions are well informed. This measure includes:

  • immediate notification of pricing information within the prescribed time limits;
  • availability of full pricing information on the website and customer service centers;
  • availability of diverse cost control options.

Telekom Romania adheres to RAC Rules for Commercial Communication

  • Clarity of the information

    The commercial communication shall be conveyed in such a way that it is clear, unequivocal and easily understood by the average consumer.

  • Correctness of the information

    All the information conveyed by the commercial communication shall be correct and adequate.

  • Advertising substantiation

    The announcer must be able to, at all times, provide evidence for the validity and trustworthiness of the data, descriptions, statements, illustrations and testimonials used for advertising purposes. Such evidence shall consist of concrete and relevant elements.

  • Complete information

    The commercial communication shall not offer erroneous, ambiguous or misleading presentations of the data or information and it shall not leave out information that might be important for the decision to purchase a certain service or product.

  • Footnotes

    a. In the case of audio-visual communications (television, cinema, video or similar), the footnotes shall be at least 14 points in size (Arial font) and shall be present on screen at least during the time the information they supplement or explain is displayed or spoken;
    b. The footnotes shall be on display enough for the average consumer – as defined in this code – to be able to read them;
    c. For communications conveyed on the radio, the footnotes shall be spoken at a speed that allows the consumer to understand them clearly and easily;
    d. For communications conveyed on printed media (newspapers, magazines, booklets, flyers, posters, leaflets, catalogues or similar) the size of the footnotes shall be enough to make them easy to read and understand by the consumer;
    e. The footnotes shall be clear and explicit enough for the consumer to understand the real requirements for benefiting from the products or services promoted in the
    commercial communications. However, if there should be any constraint due to the size of the footnote space or duration of the display time, the footnotes may point to a
    web address or other such solution providing to the average consumer all the information he might need before purchasing a product.