Corporate responsibility strategy and management

Corporate Responsibility (CR) has gone mainstream and one of the key drivers for this is Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Increased and easy access to information allows people, organizations, academia, NGOs and governments to engage in dialogue and to seek solutions to our current social, economic and environmental challenges. We believe that any challenge can be overcome if we act together, if we share knowledge and best practices and if we connect our efforts.

Raluca Ezaru Internal Communication, Corporate Events & Corporate Responsibility Department Manager
Raluca Ezaru
Internal Communication, Corporate Events & Corporate Responsibility Department Manager

Our Corporate Responsibility objectives are to operate in a responsible way, to be accountable for the potential impact that our operations have, to improve our competitiveness and ensure our growth and contribute to a sustainable development of Romanian society.

We believe that we can achieve our objectives by connecting life and work, connecting the unconnected and contributing to a low carbon society.






Corporate Responsibility Management Objectives

Our CR strategy is aligned with those of Deutsche Telekom and OTE Group. Telekom Romania coordinates with DT Group Corporate Responsibility and OTE Group Corporate Communications Divisions to ensure a common approach, understanding of and engagement in CR by all employees and stakeholders. Telekom Romania’s sustainability efforts, as do DT’s and OTE Group’s, comprise of five pillars.


Corporate responsibility pillars


The key principle of our Corporate Responsibility Strategy is connectivity and digitalization. We are aiming to connect our business development strategy with the broader goals of Romanian society and achieve a balance growth, meaning a growth that is not detrimental, but beneficial, a growth that is both inclusive and environmental sustainable. For each of our strategic pillars we have identified key aspects where we focus our resources and efforts to achieve these goals.