Customer service and satisfaction

We invest in our network, in innovation and in cultivating a mutual, sincere and trustful relationship with our customers. The first principle of our Code of Conduct is about customers and all our strategies, initiatives and programs are driven by the goal of achieving customer delight.

Telekom Romania is constantly measuring and analysing customer satisfaction using two approaches.

  • Satisfaction surveys issued directly by us to the customers;
  • Independent studies realized by a third party.

Our goal is to understand and respond to client needs and consciously improve our service quality.

  • Within the NG ICCA (Next Generation International Contact Center Analysis) customers are requested to respond to a 6 questions questionnaire via SMS, differentiated per interaction type (corporate store, call center or technician), by providing ratings from highest to lowest. The results are available by means of reports.
  • Telekom Romania also has adhered to the study coordinated by the Deutsche Telekom (DT) Group in all Group companies. TRI*M (Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty study) is developed on fixed and mobile, for both residential & business segments.

We are aiming to achieve a slight improvement in the development of our customer satisfaction in 2016 and 2017 respectively, measured in terms of the TRI*M index performance indicator.
When assessing our customer satisfaction level we are closely monitoring and following any complain received through external and internal channels.

In 2015, Telekom Romania Communications and Telekom Romania Mobile Communications received a total of 4,382 complaints through National Authority for Consumer Protection, out of which 105 generated a total of 40,555 EURO financial penalties for our companies.

Customer Service Performance

Residential segment

ch3_4_aYoy, TRI*M index maintained at similar level for mobile customers while for fixed it registered a 3 points decrease.

Business segment

ch3_4_bYoy, for business customers, TRI*M index maintained at similar level for mobile customers while for Fixed it decreased 4 points.

TRI*M (Measuring, Managing and Monitoring):
indicator that analyses measures and portrays stakeholder relationships on the basis of standardized indicators. The index is made up of 4 points of view (performance, recommendation, further usage, competitive advantage. The information is based on surveys/interviews.