We are driven by innovation, constantly looking for solutions which can help us, our customers and society at large to progress in a sustainable way. Our approach on encouraging innovation is to support new technological ideas and initiatives which can contribute to social and economic progress while protecting the environment.

Partnerships for innovation

Telekom has an active collaboration with hub:raum Krakow (Deutsche Telekom‘s start-ups incubator), thus promoting its acceleration programs called WARP, as well as any other relevant program for Romanian start-ups in order to boost their activity on the market; WARP is a programme with mentoring by experienced entrepreneurs, workshops by international experts and meetings with companies that will boost your idea. Also, Telekom Romania is promoting Deutsche Telekom‘s international programs dedicated to start-ups and/or entrepreneurs such as ChallengeUP (rolled out by Deutsche Telekom, Cisco and Intel which supports start-ups to develop their ideas), Telekom Innovation Contest (which brings winning start-ups of 2015 edition to an exclusive Innovation Expo in Budapest in 2016) and Business Wall of Fame (rolled out in Romania and other several countries within the group).

Another of our approaches on supporting innovation is to help the development of digital spaces in which new ideas can flourish and change the world. In 2015 we have supported with digital services 3 co-working initiatives to develop and successfully manage their activities:

  • Techhub
  • WeLoveDigital
  • NOD Makerspace


NOD Makerspace

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