Report Profile

As a telecommunication company, we deal with data, providing the necessary technical and operational infrastructure that allows it to reach from its origins to its destinations and to circulate between people. The process of data transmission is a technical one but its purposes are deeply human, it helps people to make sense of the world around them by getting the information they need, it enables dialogue, it supports decision making processes, it enables people to communicate their thoughts, express their feelings, study and organize their economic or non-economic activities. Communication, storage and sharing of data and information represent an essential pillar of our civilization enabling large number of people to collaborate for common purposes, to share and debate ideas, to formulate plans and vision for themselves but also for the society at large.

We strive to provide efficient and meaningful communication services and solutions which enable sustainable development of Romanian society at every level.

The goals of our reporting process are:

  • Better understanding of our business impacts;
  • Contribute to a transparent business environment in Romania;
  • Share our sustainability performance and strategy;
  • Engage in dialogue with employees and external stakeholders;
  • Express ourselves and our vision.


Ruxandra Vodă
Ruxandra Vodă
Corporate  Communication Director

Our business is about facilitating meaningful communication between people. Our corporate responsibility report is a slice in time and we make the best of it by using this opportunity to analyse our performance against our plans and principles, to engage our employees and to share our achievements and future objectives.

Sustainability is one of the toughest parts of our job. It requires time, investments, experts, excellent cross-functional collaboration. And the sustainability report is all that huge effort, put in a number of pages, with numerous factsheets and analyses behind.


Why are we doing it?

Florina Şerban Senior Coordinator Internal Communication, Corporate Events & Corporate Responsibility Department
Florina Şerban
Senior Coordinator Internal Communication, Corporate Events & Corporate Responsibility Department

Because we are not alone, we operate with people; our aim is to improve people’s lives. By approaching the people’s needs and expectations, we improve our plans. Dialogue is a tool, beneficial to all parties. And reporting what we have done, in terms of sustainability, enables us to get feedback to go forward. We strive to make this cycle faster while also smoother, in the benefit of the consumers and of the company.

I believe that Corporate Responsibility should be an integral part of normal everyday business. Any employee at any level faces issues where he / she needs to make trade-offs and allocate scarce resources (time, energy, money and staff). Any decision at any level in the organization should naturally and properly balance concerns for economic as well as environmental and social sustainability. To support and enhance this behavior our internal communication process aims to increase the awareness of our employees, to facilitate their contribution to our CR Strategy implementation and provide a platform for engagement and dialogue.



Culture of transperency

The 2015 report is the first Telekom Romania Corporate Responsibility Report for the joint operations of Telekom Romania Communication S.A. and Telekom Romania Mobile Communication S.A.  It is an expression of the our corporate responsibility culture and also a part of the commitment of Deutsche Telekom and OTE groups towards sustainability and business responsibility, as both groups are publishing annual sustainability reports for more than 10 years.  Also, Telekom Romania Mobile Communication S.A. published three previous corporate responsibility reports according to GRI for the years 2010-2012.

Reporting period

This report presents the company’s actions, challenges, results and achievements) in 2015 (January – December) and it represents the beginning of a regular reporting cycle of 1 year which we have decided to follow in the future. Where applicable, we have provided historical data from the two previous years.

Reporting scope

The scope of this report encompasses the operations of Telekom Romania Communication S.A. and Telekom Romania Mobile Communication S.A in an integrated approach. Throughout the present report, the terms „TELEKOM ROMANIA”, „TELEKOM ROMANIA companies”, „We” or „Our companies”   refer to both Telekom Romania Communications S.A. and Telekom Romania Mobile Communications S.A. All references to plural shall be construed as a reference to TELEKOM ROMANIA. Also, „Mobile Operations” mean the telecommunication related services managed by Telekom Romania Mobile Communications S.A. and „Fixed Operations” mean the telecommunication related services managed by Telekom Romania Communications S.A.

Throughout this report, where data were available, we are presenting separate data and facts for the two business areas. We encountered several data gaps which we could not address at this point due to the recent integration process.

External assurance

This report has not been verified by an external independent auditing company but it has been certified as a GRI 4 Report in accordance with Core option. The declaration can be found at page …

Reporting guidlines

The structure of our Corporate Responsibility Report has been defined and realized in accordance with Core option of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 guidelines. In defining the content of the report we have considered the recommendation of the GRI Telecommunication Services Sector Supplement, our extensive materiality assessment results, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN Global Compact principles.


GRI G4gri

This report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI’s Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (G4 Core). The GRI Index synthesizes the way we have addressed all requirements concerning indicators and disclosures. Also, we have considered the GRI Telecommunication Sector Supplement framework to present the way we are addressing specific industry topics.


UN SDG Framework

sus_dev_goalsBased on our current understanding of the ICT sector contribution to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we are presenting our efforts and activities towards the goals. These are being marked directly in the text or summarized in the specific UN SDG matrixes accompanying each chapter.

The Global Compact

The Global CompactOur report is aligned with our commitments within The UN Global Compact. We used the framework to design and deploy our corporate responsibility strategy and we have incorporated in the report the actions we have implemented and the results we have achieved towards fulfilling the commitments.


 Materiality analysis

We are prioritizing the issues of our strategy and reporting process based on the results of the materiality analysis we conduct periodically. For the current reporting cycle we have refreshed the materiality assessment by conducting an extensive dialogue on the sustainability aspects of the ICT sector in Romania with more than 150 representatives of internal and external stakeholders.