Stakeholder engagement

Telekom Romania has a broad range of interactions with stakeholders. Managing these relationships and stakeholder expectations is integral to our core business. Our sector is one of the most dynamic and engaging, as communications and data transmission represent a key activity in the life of every nation, in the life of every community.
We understand that engagement is a two-way process and we appreciate the benefits of mutual learning.
Our stakeholder management is built on the three key principles of Inclusivity, Materiality and Responsiveness.

In our case, the observance of these principles is not theoretical. We are pursuing the Romanian society goals in the field of telecommunication and digitization. The need to modernization and technological advancement of our country represent the most material aspect for our strategy and we are responding by embedding sustainability in our operations and services.

From the development of telecommunication infrastructure to new smart solutions for cities, we are continuously engaging and collaborating with central and local authorities, communities, local suppliers and NGOs so we can bring people together in a sustainable way.
Engaging with stakeholders – the people and organizations who affect our business or who are affected by it – is fundamental to our long term success. Engagement is also integral to our sustainability strategy. We cannot be successful if we do not listen to our customers or work with them. Our sector specificity requires a close cooperation with public authorities at local and central level, communities and technology suppliers and partners.


Stakeholder mappingch2_11

We have mapped our stakeholder landscape and we are updating the information on a yearly basis. The process is being realized in close collaboration by each business function and is being coordinated by the Internal Communication, Corporate Events & CR Department.

Engagement mechanisms

We engage with our stakeholders in a variety of ways, including:

  • Integrating sustainability into core business relationships and day-to-day engagement;
  • Forming or joining strategic partnerships to address key sectorial issues;
  • Mobilizing others – raising awareness and encouraging involvement;
  • Seeking expert input on our sustainability strategy and reporting;
  • Developing or participating in joint initiatives;
  • Requesting inputs and suggestions;
  • Dialogue on interests and expectations.

We have developed specific engagement mechanisms for each stakeholder category to increase engagement effectiveness

Engagement topics

We are engaged in a broad number of topics together with our stakeholders, following common interest and expectations. Monitored by our Internal Communication, Corporate Events & CR Department, the engagement activities are decentralized, carried most of the time at the level of business units. This approach enables closer and more efficient cooperation between all actors
As engagement is a two way process which all actors can initiate and develop, we also take part in initiatives which are not launched by us but which concern our sector, the communities in which we operate, our partners and customers.

Inclusive stakeholder engagement process

Engaging effectively with those seen to be marginalized or ‘harder to reach’ often requires particular or different efforts. The Romanian society is diverse and there are different characteristics between people, such as ethnicity, sex, age, values, mental and physical ability, and socioeconomic background. Being inclusive is not just about ensuring policy and projects are representative or that the outcomes address inequality, it is also about valuing difference. Our Telekom Romania Foundation represents our main tool to engage on topics and issues of marginalized groups and it help us to maintain our focus on inclusive growth and to consider their expectation and interest in our strategy and operations.

Public Authorities

  • Implementation of Regulatory Measures
  • Issues of Effective Regulatory Adjustment
  • Specialized National Goals for European Digital Agenda
  • Transparency
  • Governance
  • Economic Growth


  • Company strategy and results
  • Outlook on labour relations, regulatory decision
  • Climate Change Policy


  • Rationalization and reduction of labour costs in agreement, to the greatest extent possible
  • Fair Work (diversity, work– life balance)
  • Planning and Conduct of Training Programs
  • Professional Development
  • Health and Safety
  • Protection of Personal Data


  • Activation of products, quality of services (in relation to costs)
  • Technical Support (e.g. web hosting, DNS services, IPVPN)
  • Commercial and Billing Issues
  • Telephony Operations
  • Improving the way customer complaints are handled
  • Safe use of Services
  • Electro Magnetic Fields
  • Responsible Marketing (e.g. consumer rights)
  • Introduction of new technologies
  • Data Security and Privacy

Communities & NGOs

  • Importance of CR
  • Internet Safety Public Education
  • Support for Vulnerable Groups and Charities
  • Social Contribution
  • Meetings and Electronic Communication preferred
  • Electro Magnetic Fields
  • Biodiversity
  • Environmental Performance


  • Tender Criteria and Competitions
  • Communication on Supplies Issues
  • Transparency
  • Market Policy
  • Economic Growth
  • Inserting CR Criteria, including Environmental Criteria


  • Timely Response
  • Management
  • Commercial
  • Technology
  • Financial
  • Environment
  • Labour
  • CR


Assessing stakeholder interest on Corporate Social Responsibility ACTIVITES

In 2015 we have engaged our stakeholders to identify the relevance and importance from their perspective of the Corporate Social Responsibility activities of companies and more specifically of telecommunication companies.
We have been also interested if our Corporate Social Responsibility activities are perceived and understood as such.
As engagement method we have chosen the survey method based on 2 questions:

  • Q1: How important is it for you that telecom companies get involved in social responsibility activities?
  • Q2: Are these telecom companies (Telekom) involved in social responsibility actions?

The study was made in Bucharest and it was conducted by our commissioned research agency in two cycles, during February 2015 and December 2015. The results are based on a total number of 1,500 respondents.
As results are showing, 59% of the persons interviewed are considering that is very important respectively important that telecommunication companies engage in CSR activities.
The study helped us to better understand the expectation of our stakeholders and validated our plans to continue our programs and projects contributing to social progress.
We have also saw that our social responsibility initiatives are known and understood by the majority of the respondents and that Telekom Romania is the operator most associated in the market related to involvement in CSR activities, according to our study.

Results of CSR relevance survey



For us, stakeholder engagement is not a one-off process, but it is continuous. We have developed long standing partnerships with various stakeholder groups, including NGOs, local communities, suppliers and business sector. We see this approach as our standing contribution.

UN Global CompactThe Global Compact

Partner since 2015

Position: Member in the Steering Committee

Thematic area: Human Rights, Labour, Environment, Anticorruption

International Telecommunication Unititu-logo

Partner since 2015

Position: Member of board of directors

Thematic area: Sustainability, Technical Standards, Radio Spectrum, Satellite Communication

Romanian Advertising Councilrac_logo_small_ro

Partner since 2015

Position: Member

Thematic area: Advertising self-regulation, Copyrights

The American Chamber of Commerce in Romaniaamcham

Partner since 2010

Position: Member

Thematic area: Advocacy and business growth professional association 

German-Romanian Chamber of Commercerahk

Partner since 2011

Position: Member

Thematic area: Advocacy and business growth professional association 

Forum Investment Councilforum-investitori-straini

Partner since 2010

Position: Member

Thematic area: Advocacy and business development climate

Association of Mobile Operators in Romanialogo-aomr

Partner since 2008

Position: Founding member

Thematic area: ICT regulation, Consumer information, Responsible operations on internet, Responsible competition 

Association of Romanian Telecommunication Operatorsaotr

Partner since 2010

Position: Member

Thematic area: Telecommunication regulatory framework development

CEO International Clubsceo_clubs

Partner since 2014

Position: Member

Thematic area: Business development

Transparency International Romaniatransparency

Partner since 2014

Position: Member

Thematic area: Anticorruption practices